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Privacy Notice

At Team RH Fitness Ltd, we fully understand the value of your privacy and keep all information and data that we collect from each user securely stored. Personal information such as your email address is used for the purpose of serving as your unique log-in to the Team RH app, and to send automated emails such as password re-sets (when requested). You may receive website news and updates via email from Team Rh Fitness too.

We also collect physical information from the user such as height, weight, age, gender, body fat percentage, body type, etc. in order to establish the most accurate calorie and macro guidelines possible. This information is stored and the data analysed over time to improve the accuracy of the system and improve the overall user experience. 

This data on user outcomes may also be used for the purpose of research studies in assessing the effects of different flexible dieting protocols on different user sub sets. All users will remain completely anonymous as the data is analysed independent of personally identifying factors.