Sick of diets that don't work?

Start your weight loss journey today! Tired of failing at every diet? It's not you - it's the fad diets, slimming clubs and weight loss shakes that promise quick results but never deliver.

The Team RH Life Plan is an app that sets you clear, no-nonsense goals that help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

Team RH Life Plan App Dashboard

Personalised weight loss - all in one app!

We know that the only way to lose weight is through a calorie deficit.

We set you a daily calorie, protein and fibre goal based on your weight, height and activity, all you have to do is stick to it.

Team RH Weight Loss App - Food Scanner

Eat food you love and still lose weight!

That's right, you can eat whatever you want with the Team RH app.

As long as it fits within the calorie, protein and fibre goals we set out for you, then anything goes.

Team RH members group

Member support group

Get support from a community of over 20,000 real people just like you.

No boring posts and no negativity, just top tips, great recipes, good fun and lots of support.

team rh life plan app - coaching

Honest weight loss coaching

Our coaches don’t do BS. Unlike most weight loss companies who'll happily take your money, teach you nothing and keep you coming back for more, we give you a complete nutritional education.

You get the tools you need to lose weight for life, not just in the short term.

Team RH Life Plan - Healthy Recipes

Tasty in-app recipes

Browse hundreds of super tasty recipes all in one handy app.

Whether you’re after high protein or high fibre recipes, you're gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free or just plain fussy if you have a dietary requirement, we’ve got a recipe.

Team TH Life Plan - home workouts

App workouts that suit every level

It doesn't matter if you work out from the gym or from home, the Team RH app has a workout for you.

Some people hit their goal through walking and stepping, while others love a workout. Whatever your level, whatever your preference, choose in-app workouts that work for you.

How does Team RH compare to other weight loss plans?

Tailored plan for you
Food tracker
Huge recipe bank
No foods banned
Workout at your level
Personal coach
Support group


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If you've made it this far and still haven't signed up then honestly, what are you waiting for?

Just kidding, take a peek at the Team RH app to see how it works or find out more below.

Team RH - Merchandise, Fat Cow Protein and more

Get a head start!

You don’t need to buy our products to smash your weight loss goals, but it helps! All of our Team RH proteins and merch was developed because our members wanted it.

If you'd prefer to smash the plan without equipment then go for it, it's just there for when you need a hand.

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