Who Has Struggled In Their First Week Of Dieting? Tips To Help You Get Back On Track

Who Has Struggled In Their First Week Of Dieting? Tips To Help You Get Back On Track

Does your diet look like this in the first week of Team RH?

  • Failed to hit protein
  • Failed to hit fibre
  • Hit your calories
  • Achieved 80/20 nutrition
  • Hit your step goal
  • Failed to hit water

Here's the truth about your first week and why it's the hardest...

I’m really struggling.

  • I had cravings most nights because I’m not hitting my goals.
  • Workouts and steps are getting cut short.

I’m sharing this because although I feel sh!tty for not hitting my goals, 4 weeks from now when I keep grinding away I’m going to be killing every single target above.

I’ve dieted probably 30+ times in my life and every time it takes a few weeks to get into the swing of things. What matters is that you don’t give up and you trust the Life Plan.

So many people get them selves all worked up about not hitting protein or going over calories by 400 etc. They say rubbish like this isn’t for me, and give up.

Here's what I do at this point:

I review things. I work the problem out and I either fix it or eliminate it.

  • Protein - I need to reduce the size of my post workout meal, too many carbs. Leaving me 30g short by the end of each day.
  • Fibre - swapping my crunchy nut for oats, swapping my lemon curd for banana, reducing pasta volume and adding more veg.
  • 80/20 - the above will fix this.
  • Steps - step goal is 2,000 short each day. I need to make sure I hit steps earlier in day, as I'm just not remembering to make up the rest (disgrace).
  • Water - I'm going to make sure I have a glass of water before every meal, smash a litre as I first wake up, and take bottle with me when doing steps.

Need a hand with protein and fibre foods to smash your daily goals? Have a little ready of both of these blogs: fibreprotein.


You need to do your homework and go at it!

It’s easy to say rubbish day or rubbish week and put it behind you. However if your actions are what's causing the rubbish time you need to work out what it is and change it.

Come this summer when everyone is out having a great time.

Key points:

  • Grind through the rubbish times now.
  • Work hard as hell.
  • Tunnel vision on the Life Plan.

You’ve got this!

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