How Much Sugar Should You Eat For Weight Loss?

How Much Sugar Should You Eat For Weight Loss?

How much sugar should you consume for weight loss?

A new study has been released...

This study gathered two groups of people and put them on the SAME number of calories, however, one group was on 100 grams of sugar and the other group was on around 0-5 grams of sugar.

After a 6-8 week period, both groups lost the SAME amount of weight (actually the group that had 100 grams of sugar lost a tiny percentage more, like an increment but not worth shouting about). Study reference: PMID 9094871

What does this mean for me and my diet?

We now know that sugar doesn't affect fat loss when calories and protein is equated in a caloric deficit. This means that whichever diet you choose:

What should I be focusing on to lose weight?

There is an easy rule to follow, hit your fibre goal and don't worry about sugar, why?

Well think about it this way, you have a carbohydrate goal of say 250g of carbs.

If you hit say a 40g fibre goal from that, it means you're going to have to choose nutrient dense options to hit that. So there isn't going to be much room for sugary treats, is there? If you did eat too much rubbish then you won't hit your fibre goal.

So that's why we go with the simple rule of saying hit your fibre and don't worry about sugar. Remember though, science has PROVED you can have 100g a day and still lose fat. I know from personal experience, you can have 150g of sugar a day and still lose.

On the Life Plan we recommend that 80% of the calories you're consuming are filled with nutrients and the other 20% for rubbish - we want to make sure you are eating foods you enjoy, so you lose the weight sustainably.

Key points for sugar and weight loss:

1. Don't worry about consuming sugar, but do try and consume more fibrous foods, such as fruits and cereal, whilst in a caloric deficit.

2. Don't demonise sugary foods like the rest of the world's doing - they all hate their life because of it.

3. Hit your fibre goal and don't worry about sugar. Need some fibre food ideas to help you out? Have a look at the different examples in this blog here.

4. Join the Life Plan below and get started with us! You've got this.

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