How To Smash Your Fibre Target - Best Fibre Food Examples To Buy

How To Smash Your Fibre Target - Best Fibre Food Examples To Buy

Why is fibre important for weight loss?

The truth is...hitting your fibre macro goal is one of the main things you need to achieve on the Life Plan.

It doesn't directly cause weight loss, but it tells us that you aren't filling your daily calories with complete rubbish, or depriving your body of the nutrients it needs.


How can I hit my fibre goal? I don't know what to eat...

If you are currently on the Team RH Life Plan, don't worry if you are struggling to hit your fibre on the plan at first, you are not alone.

It can be tricky knowing what to eat when you are new to tracking calories & macros, but sometimes it's all about experimenting and finding out what works for you.

I've banged out a few of my favourite fibre examples below:

It's now up to you to go and buy any of the above and start incorporating them into your meals/snacks, tracking absolutely everything on the Life Plan.

Remember not to go silly with the fibre one bars etc, yes there is 5g of fibre, but there is also no nutrients. The same goes for fibre powder, if you're supplementing fibre powder it means you're also eating too much sugary rubbish. Yes, take fibre supplements to help with bowel movements, but don't take it to hit your fibre goal as you're only cheating yourself.

Changes you can make in your current food choices...

Now, I know some of you will look at the list above and still feel a bit unsure.

Let me tell you how you can make changes to your current food choices. This might be the fix that helps you smash your fibre goal on the Life Plan.


  • Change sugary or basic cereals to whole grain cereals such as Muesli, Bran Flakes or Porridge. You can then also add seeds and fruit on top.


  • Instead of white bread, opt for wholegrain or seeded bread. If that's not up your street then even switching to 50/50 is better than white altogether.


  • Fancy some pasta? Try having wholegrain/whole wheat pasta.


  • Try some veggie snacks, oatcakes, crackers or unsalted nuts.


  • It's worth keeping plenty of frozen vegetables and then you won't run out.


  • Canned fresh fruit is always convenient for dessert too.



  • Low fibre tells us that your diet is filled with processed and sugary foods, which won't help fuel your body with what the nutrients and minerals it needs.
  • Hitting your fibre isn't as hard as it seems when you make the right changes to your current food choices.
  • If you don't hit your fibre goal after this then you simply aren't trying enough or tracking properly.
  • Don't rely on fibre bars and powders to hit your target.
  • You don't want to be having ruthless toilet trips so hit that fibre goal.


If you need more of a general macro breakdown and understanding, then we recommend this blog here first!

Curious about fibre vs protein? You can learn more about hitting your protein target here.


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