Eating Fats Won't Make You Fat - Macros For Weight Loss Explained

Eating Fats Won't Make You Fat - Macros For Weight Loss Explained

Are you concerned about 900 calories of fat?

Consuming grams of fat WON'T make you fat, so don’t avoid it as your body needs fat to function properly.

Fats compared to carbs and protein is just denser in calories.

So what's making you fat?

The only way you will put on weight is if you eat more calories than you burn (caloric surplus).

So why do high fatty foods like pizza, ice cream, chocolate, cake, fries, etc get associated with gaining weight? If you consume a lot of high fat foods, then the likelihood of you being in a caloric surplus is increased.

That doesn’t mean you should avoid these foods. You can 100% still enjoy them all just as long as they fit within your calorie allowance and the majority of the food you consume is nutrient-rich.

This is what we teach on the Life Plan, as we want our members to eat foods they enjoy and lose weight sustainably, so they aren't miserable.

Key Points:

  • Do NOT demonise fat.
  • Do NOT avoid fat.
  • But also do NOT go crazy with fat - enjoy it, but in moderation.


On the Life Plan, your main priorities are calories, protein and fibre. As long as you do your best to smash these macros, and up your activity levels, you are going to lose weight!

Want to know something else that doesn't make you fat? SUGAR. I won't bore you to death and make this blog any longer, but if you do want to see how you can eat sugar and lose weight, check out this blog here.

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