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How to lose 1 stone in 7 days


No tricks here, this is straight up legit info. Grab a pen & paper and turn Emmerdale all the way down.


You know why you’ve clicked on this post? Because you’re still chasing that dream of losing all your weight really fast.

All this rubbish above is what just about every pill or shake seller gets you to do AFTER spending £100+ with them.

Breaking down the rubbish...

  • Cutting carbs - glycogen which converts from carbs stored in your muscle attracts water. Cut the carbs and the glycogen will deplete, meaning you’ll drop all the water weight.
  • Intense exercise will deplete the glycogen even faster. You’re looking at 5-6 pounds alone just off this.
  • Reducing sodium, and drinking water, will alleviate water retention, helping you drop another 5 pounds.
  • Add in potassium from bananas and that will be another pound.

So far, not one bit of fat has been lost!

As soon as you resume your normal diet, it will all come back.


Key points:


The truth is if you clicked this, you’re a potential sucker for Juice Plus/ Herbalife reps. You need to be following the below points we preach on the Life Plan.

  • No Pills,
  • No Shakes,
  • Eat Real Food,
  • In a caloric deficit.

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