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How Fast Should I Be Losing Fat?


Everyone would like to lose fat fast, but be warned – the faster you lose, the more likely you are to regain. Our marketing team are going to hate me for this because it makes much more business sense to try and shove a quick-fix, lose-weight-fast program at you.

Take this as a rough guide to the amount of fat the average woman should be losing per week according to their weight:

  • 300lb+ = 3lbs+ p/w
  • 230 -299lbs = 2.5lbs p/w
  • 190 – 229lbs = 2lbs p/w
  • 150 – 189lbs = 1.5lbs p/w
  • 125 – 149lbs = 1lbs p/w
  • 105 – 124lbs = 0.5 lbs p/w

Let's say you’re 250lbs and your goal is 125 lbs. That’s 125lbs of fat to lose. From 250lbs to 230lbs takes you 8 weeks, and then 229lbs to 190lbs takes 19 weeks, 189lbs to 150lbs takes 26 weeks 149lbs to 125 takes 24 weeks, which is a total time of 77 weeks or 14/15 months.


Now all this a ROUGH guide, your steps throughout would be 10,000 minimum until 150lbs then probably take them up to 15,000. Your tracking would have to be absolutely spot-on as well. This would be a total transformation and you’d be as lean as Rachael by the end of it, which for some people wouldn’t be their goal. Many of our members would be happy with 150lbs+ depending on their height and where their fat sits.

Now you can lose faster, however the faster you go, the faster you will regain.


And I want you to really consider what I am saying here, from a business perspective getting a member to lose X amount of weight in X amount of time, is pure gold! Let’s face it, everyone wants to lose fat fast. If we were to advertise and sell fast fat loss plans that gave rapid results it would make us a lot more appealing to a lot more people. However, I know it would also mean we had a lot of people regaining the weight they had just lost.

That’s not what Team RH is about. We choose real, sustainable results over making a quick profit because we actually want to HELP people. We actually give a sh*t about our customers and genuinely care about transforming their lives, over how much money we can milk them for.

To be truthful, you could achieve the above in half the time BUT you would regain it 100%.

So now you know that it’s to our advantage as a business to promote that to you guys, think hard WHY were choosing not to – ‘cause we give a fk.

The take home message is please FORGET the speed of your transformation, and think about it from another point of view. You might be losing it slower, but you’re losing fat the right way and keeping it off forever. There is no part of us that wants to slow down your transformation, but your health and decreasing your chances of regaining come first...

If you really want the best results, you have to do things properly.

So advertising wise:

  • No fast results
  • You have to work hard
  • You have to learn sh*t
  • It’s going to take time

How the fk can you sell that and compete with the leeches trying to sell the ‘lose 50lbs of fat in 8 weeks with our summer shred’ programmes.

See what I mean?

We’re choosing to do it the right way.

And thankfully you guys are showing trust in us and for that, we are so grateful ❤