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Best Ready Meals To Hit Your Macros

_Ready meals-82.png

Right, I'm not going to beat around the bush with this one...

I know a lot of you have busy schedules to work around, so the thought of making home cooked meals every day is a nightmare. Well, me and some Team RH members have found a bunch of ready meals that are under 500 calories and high in protein and fibre.

So... I don't want to hear anymore excuses of not being able to fit the time in to hit your goals. PACK IT IN and get yourself to the shops for these bad boys:

Taking number one spot for the BEST ready meal macros is:

SlimWell Smoky BBQ Chicken

(P.S. The following lists are not in order of best to worst)


_Ready Meals-04.png



_Ready Meals .png



_Ready Meals-02.png

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