The best foods to eat for fat loss

The best foods to eat for fat loss

There are two types of food:

1. Those dense in nutrients.

2. Those dense in calories (these taste amazing but have no nutrients in them).

Your body utilises both of these food types for energy and macro requirements and you can lose fat eating either type (if in a caloric deficit - which is what we teach on the Life Plan. You CAN eat what you want in a calorie deficit with us, but do keep all of this in mind!).

However, only nutrients can be used for health needs, and not eating them would be a one way ticket to looking like snaggle tooth.

What food does your body need?

Your body only needs a certain amount of nutrients. By eating more, it doesn't make you any healthier.

So, a chocolate bar is NOT unhealthy, it simply contains fewer nutrients than other foods, such as a bowl of grapes.

Eating chocolate will only make you gain fat IF you eat more calories than your body burns, and you'd only become unhealthy if you avoid nutrient-dense foods.

Key Points:

1. There is NO 'GOOD FOOD'.

2. There is NO 'BAD FOOD'.

3. Food either contains nutrients or doesn't. It’s so important you remember this and never demonise food.

4. Understand calories/energy balance and understand micronutrient intake. There's plenty of useful articles within our Life Plan's Help Centre, so we recommend taking time to educate yourself further with this.

5. Make 80% of your calories up from nutrient-dense foods and 20% from food that contains less nutrients (we call this rubbish)!

Example of the 80/20 rule on the Life Plan:

There are enough nutrients in the 80% to reach your daily required amount of micronutrients, which is what we teach on the Life Plan. We want our members to eat foods they enjoy without restriction, to achieve sustainable weight loss.


You can eat 100% healthily all of the time if you want... but there is no extra benefit. You cannot be SUPER healthy, so you may as well still enjoy your favourite treats with zero guilt - easy.

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