So, What Really Made You Fat? The Brutal Truths: It was not the drink or takeaways.

So, What Really Made You Fat? The Brutal Truths: It was not the drink or takeaways.

What food made me fat? What makes me gain weight the fastest?

I always see people searching:

  • 'Can milk make you fat?'
  • 'Can protein make you fat?'
  • 'What takeaways are the worst for weight gain?'


It's all down to your NET caloric intake.

NOT the ice cream, burger or 3 for the price of 2 pasties from Gregg's you've eaten...


The real reason you've gotten fat is:

  • The amount of CALORIES you burned VS the CALORIES you ate.
  • The NET result of that dictates how your body composition responds.


This is what we teach on the Life Plan - CALORIC DEFECIT is the key to weight loss.


Then there's carbs...

There's nothing wrong with "treating" your self to a doughnut, however you must make sure that the majority of calories (carbs) are from nutrient dense sources like the ones below:

Why do I need nutrients?

Within the nutrient dense foods are vitamins and minerals. That's what your body needs to perform hundreds of roles in the body (heal bones/wounds, boost immune system etc). So if you eat too much rubbish, your obviously gonna miss out on all those vital nutrients.  If you feel like you need some good fibre food examples, have a read of this blog here.


You must find a sustainable balance, without being restrictive

You see there are NO GOOD or BAD foods, they either contain nutrients or don't! Eating them won't do you any harm, it just won't do you any good either.


So what are you supposed to do to lose weight?

The trick is to enjoy a little bit of rubbish, but make sure the majority of your calories/carbs from nutrient dense sources, so your body is still getting all the proper stuff it needs to feel good.

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