Hidden Calories Are Slowing Your Weight Loss - Where Am I Going Wrong With My Calorie Counting?

Hidden Calories Are Slowing Your Weight Loss - Where Am I Going Wrong With My Calorie Counting?

Here's some hidden calories that could be ruining your weight loss progress...

  • Sperm

Well most google results show anything ranging from 5-25 calories, however, an average 3.4ml serving (hahaha man!) contains less than 1 calorie. So there you go ladies and gents, the choice is still yours. Unless of course, you're going out with 6ft4 yeti-type fella with balls bigger than King Kong.


  • Chewing gum

If it’s the sugar-free stuff, you’re looking at 2-5 calories per tablet/stick. If you love the Hubba Bubba seshy stuff, it’s going to cost you a shocking 25 calories!!

Now rack up how many you chomp a day, especially you lot who have lifting breath and use hundreds. It all adds up.


  • Medicine

A spoon of Calpol is gonna set you back 25 calories. If that shocked you, Night Nurse will cost you nearly 3 times that, at 72 calories. Let’s be honest, who has a recommended scoop? You’re looking at a good 100 cals just for a good kip.

I know some of you may think it's ridiculous, but EVERYTHING counts.

Let's pretend those calories don't count (to make you feel better)...

These calories below, DO count in your calorie deficit:

Success on the Life Plan is built around members operating in a sustainable caloric deficit. We set the right amount of calories for you to suit your lifestyle, but it's down to YOU to make sure you're hitting this goal and tracking 100%.


  • Sugar and Milk in Teas/Coffees

Now, how many cheeky cuppas do you have a day? Is it a really milky tea/coffee at 150ml? That’s right, your hammering the calories. Get them counted!


  • Oils and Cooking Choices

Obviously you need to count your oils, but say you’ve got 100g of mushrooms... that would cost you like 7 calories. Well hoy the little mushies in the deep fat fryer and you’re now talking 110 calories. So be VERY aware of your oils and cooking options.


  • Lip Balms, Chap Sticks, Lip sticks

Okay it’s a bit OTT this one, but Burt Bees Lip Balm is “20 calories per application”. I mean is this for the Silly Sally's who lick their lips after? I don't know!

Key points:

I get it, some of the above is overkill. The point I'm getting at, is if you pay close attention to finer details, you may discover you're pissing away 250 calories a day. This could be half a pound of fat a week difference!

If you want to learn why you MUST track by the gram to lose weight, you will really benefit from this blog here.

Be open to the possibility your tracking can ALWAYS be better.

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