Why You MUST Track By The Gram For Weight Loss

Why You MUST Track By The Gram For Weight Loss

Why you should track your food by the gram if you want to lose weight...

At Team RH we aren't getting you to weigh food on the Life Plan for the laughs. You simply cannot lose weight by eating intuitively, otherwise you wouldn't be here. You need to make use of a food tracking app.

Key points to remember:

  1. Each individual burns different amounts of calories each day.
  2. Different deficits are dictated by an individual's body weight.

Two examples:

Both Karen and Julie have completely different body weights, deficits, and lifestyles. The level of activity you do also impacts your caloric deficit, so If you're struggling to hit your step goal, make sure your stepping along on our YouTube.

So what's the difference?

Let's imagine that Julie lost 100lbs. Julie thought she was eating 2,000 calories everyday but her tracking was so bad that she was actually eating 2,900.

However, she was still in her deficit because she had that much weight to lose to start with. Her 100lbs weight loss was amazing but took her 2 years, rather than half this time, if she'd tracked properly via the Team RH app.

Now, imagine if Karen adopted the same sh!te tracking as Julie... Due to her lower body fat and deficit, she will NOT lose weight like Julie.

Key Points:

  • You need to be open to the possibility that your tracking may not be as tight as you need it to be. We want the very best for you, and your weight loss, so start tracking by the gram to make sure you stay in a sustainable caloric deficit.
  • When you first join the Life Plan, you may find it difficult to adjust at first, but put your trust in the coaches and hold yourself accountable. It soon becomes second nature to track everything and we promise you will reach your goals.
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