Is Running Good For Toning My Body? Running Will NOT Tone Fat And Here's Why...

Is Running Good For Toning My Body? Running Will NOT Tone Fat And Here's Why...

Is running good for toning my body?


You CANNOT tone fat, but you CAN:

  1. Lose fat.
  2. Build muscle with resistance training.


No exercise on the planet can tone the fat on your body

Running won't make your physique look toned, but it will help you burn calories. This will increase your expenditure and if you eat in a caloric deficit, you'll lose fat, which is what we teach on the Life Plan.

If you used to go to the gym, and now you've got into running, you may look toned but it's because you've built muscle from the gym.

"I've ran all winter and it's given me a big booty and a toned stomach..."

No, it hasn't.

It's helped burn body fat, which has revealed your booty that you built from weight resistance exercises. The running itself didn't do anything for your booty. People must accept this.

So should I stop running?

If you love running, keep running, I support you guys.

We want the Life Plan to fit around your life, and if that's what you enjoy doing and if it's good for your mental health, then I'm not against running at all.

All I want you to know is that you're not going to look toned from running alone.

You must build muscle first.

What if I'm not into weight lifting?

That's fine, I'm not forcing it upon anyone. If you love running, and you're not bothered about looking toned, that's also fine.

All I can say is give resistance training a try if looking 'toned' is your goal. We have a bunch of workouts on the Life Plan that you could use.


If you are going to now just focus on smashing your steps on a treadmill, whatever you do DON'T HOLD ON.

Read this blog to find out why.


Key Points To Remember:

  1. Do resistance training to build muscle - make sure to smash your protein goals alongside this.
  2. Up your activity level and eat in a caloric deficit with the Life Plan - the muscle you have built will start to show as you'll have less body fat.
  3. The combination of the above will make you 'appear' more 'toned'.
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