Stop Holding Onto The Treadmill On An Incline

Stop Holding Onto The Treadmill On An Incline

Okay If you’re reading this you’re either here for a giggle or you’re absolutely enraged inside. So I’ll say this real basic, because I’ve tried in the past and people STILL argue.


Is holding onto the treadmill cheating?

Think of a treadmill. You have to move your legs to keep up with it.

Now think of a walk outside, same thing.

Now think of you on a walk but now you’re going UP a hill.

Gravity makes it more difficult, and it adds resistance yeah? It makes you work harder and burn more calories. Now tell me where there is something to hold on to whilst walking up a hill? There isn’t.

So why would you do the following...

Go on a treadmill.

Increase speed to make it harder.

Increase incline to make it harder.

THEN HOLD ON to make it easier.

Stop holding onto the treadmill!

Please, if anything for my own sanity.

Holding on is not only making it way easier, it’s now less resistance than if you were flat. In fact it’s like walking down a bank. If you’re holding on, it means you CANNOT handle the resistance. FACT.

Now that you know this, you’re now gonna have to live the same frustrating life as me, every time you go to the gym and hold on. Absolute hell. Because now you’ll see everyone is holding on.

If you have stability issues, vertigo etc, fair enough. But guess fucking what? I’m not actually talking direct to your specific situation. There's 400,000 people following our page and I bet only a few have that issue. 



Don't feel silly

If you feel a bit silly reading this because you've been holding on, DON'T! If all those personal trainers actually spent time teaching people instead of sucking each other off in the corner of the gym, you'd know this type of stuff.

Now please can you all do me a favour, go back to the Facebook post, like it, share it, and comment. If you do that it will get loads of reach, it gets a bit of aggro from people in denial but it will ultimately reach and help more people.

Feel free to also check out this online treadmill calorie counter, which you can access here!

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