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You can have your cake, and eat it!

The TEAMRH Life plan will change the way you look at nutrition forever. The plan is designed for everyone, at any fitness level, or specific nutritional requirements who want to lose fat whilst following a flexible approach to dieting where no food or drink is off limit.

With TeamRH we will literally show you how you can eat cake and lose fat. So come join the 150,000 people who we’ve helped change their lives and we will get you on the road to success and to start believing in yourself!

  • Nutrition Plan
  • Online Support
  • Exercise Program

What You Get With The Team RH Life Plan

Nutrition Plan

Structured nutrition plan personalised to your goals. No banned foods and eat the food you love!

  • Your calories calculated for fat loss
  • Community recipe sharing facility
  • Guidance for eating out/social events
  • Macros explained in an easy way
  • Learn how to eat cake and lose fat
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Online Support

Unlimited access to Team RH Coaching group via Facebook where you can take part in the following…

  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • 24/7 Coaching Support
  • Ask unlimited questions
  • Learn and interact with the community
  • Educational nutritional videos
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Exercise Program

Whether you’re fit as a fiddle, injured or a couch potato, we will set you a structured program that suits you.

  • Step goal for your ability
  • Live HIIT cardio in your own home
  • Resistance training program
  • Gym/Home work out routine
  • Educational Training videos
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