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What is the TEAM RH Life Plan?

The Team RH Life Plan is an education for life that will completely change the way you look at food forever. We have designed it in a way that will be easy to follow so you fully understand how to lose fat and reach your goals in a sustainable way. This will be a complete overhaul of how you think fat loss works!

The plan is aimed to help absolutely everyone, no matter what your current fitness level, or whether you are injured or have a physical impairment. You will be following a flexible approach to dieting which means no foods are off limits and you can make the plan suit your food preferences, food allergies, intolerances or general dislikes. This works because we don’t give you a rigid meal plan to follow but we give you the tools to create your own.

It’s guaranteed fat loss results!

Once you’ve signed up you will receive information on how to access the Team RH Life Plan instantly via e-mail, this way there is no messing about and you can get started STRAIGHT AWAY.

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The Team RH Fitness App

We understand technology is a key part of achieving results and keeping you accountable so we’ve prioritised this so that you have one place to go to learn everything you need to know to achieve your goals and keep you accountable. We have achieved this by implementing the Life Plan into our very own App. The App itself since launch has been a huge success rated No.1 in the health and fitness category.

With our step by step videos you will learn how to lose fat and how to track your food so that you have guaranteed fat loss. We have a video library which is continually expanding with new content covering a wide range of topics on nutrition and exercise.

  • You’ll gain knowledge for life
  • Organised video library with search function
  • New content added regularly
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Learn how to lose fat

Above are just some of the transformations that come in each week at TeamRH , all we (Richie & Rachael)  ask from you is to forget everything you’ve ever been taught in regards to fitness and nutrition and put your your total trust in us. We’ve worked very hard to do things the right way, you won’t ever catch us selling fat burners, or cookie cutter programs. We want nothing but the best for people and know that we can only educate you the TRUTH if you give us your 100% trust.

The people above took a leap of faith and put their trust in us, the question is, can you ?

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Your Targets

Our app will calculate your calorie allowance based on your activity levels, we will do all the leg work. You get to choose how many steps you want to do from 5k to 25k per day when setting up your account. You can change this target if you need to at any point if your circumstances change. A simple step tracker will do, nothing too expensive.


  • Choose between 5k to 25k steps
  • Your calories worked out for you
  • Record your steps on your dashboard


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You can earn golds stars everyday to help you stay accountable to hitting your targets. Each Day you will be rewarded a gold, silver or bronze medal depending on how many stars you earn and this gives our coaches an overall indiction of how well you are hitting your targets.


  • Earns stars and medals
  • Stay accountable
  • Coaches can advise improvements
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Workout with the team

You can choose to workout with us from either at home or the gym and if you can’t workout that’s not a problem as there is the option to select no workouts, your calories will always be adjusted depending what you select. Choose from a variety of workouts such as seated cardio, resistant bands, HIIT, weights and suspension training which will all be available in the video library.


  • Video tutorials to follow
  • See which muscles you are working
  • Choose which days you train
  • Live workouts available
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We set your targets

We summarise your daily goals in the “view my targets” section of the app so you know exactly what you need to aim for each day. You can also connect our app to the My Fitness Pal app where you can track your food and make sure you are hitting your goals that we set you.


  • View your daily targets
  • Sync with My Fitness Pal
  • Track your food each day
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Your time to shine

I’ll be completely honest with you, I’ve edited this part without our marketer knowing. This here is a landing page, it’s strategically places text and pictures to give a clear insight to what the plan is about to promote people to sign up.

I’m going to be straight with you, myself and Rachael have dedicated the last 5 years of our life to running TeamRH with no holidays, no weekends away and 24/7 hard work. You wont find another two people on this planet who are willing to dedicate their time to you than us. We’ve re-invested every single penny we’ve earned back into TeamRH to try and make our service the best it can be. I sit here today in my same scruffy track suit bottoms, outside is our 10 year old peguot 106, and we rent a £450 p/m Flat around the corner ( so we can be close to work).

We could have p!ssed the money up the wall and lived the life, however we are PASSIONATE, we are changing lives and we are doing what no one has ever done before as people always turn to greed.

So thats our real pitch, if you want to craic on with the yo-yo diet clubs doing the same old ridiculous diet’s then that choice is yours. If you want to hear the absolute TRUTH with zero bullsh!t then come join the team and we give you our word if you put your trust in us we will change your life.

P.S. Don’t tell our marketer I edited this!

Hope to see you soon,
Richie and Rach 🙂

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