Let's get your Life Plan all set up

You must complete each of these 4 easy steps to get set up successfully and begin your weight loss journey!

Don't worry when you leave this page you can always return via your browser, we have also sent you a welcome email which contains the same information.

1. Download the Team RH app

Download the Team RH app, click login, enter your email and create a memorable password.

As this is your first time logging in, you'll be creating a new password that you'll need to remember moving forward for each time you log in.

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Team RH Weight Loss Plan - Food Tracking App

2. Download the Team RH Bite Me app

Download our Bite Me app, please use the same email address and password that you use to log in to your current Team RH app.

Make sure both apps are up to date.

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Team RH Life Plan app

3. Connect Your Accounts

Click 'Choose a Food tracker' in the Team RH app, then click 'Connect' for the Team RH Bite Me app option

Follow the instructions on the app

4. Join Our Members Group

Click the link below to head to our Facebook Group and watch the welcome guides thoroughly.

Our 20,000+ strong community will give you that extra push you need!

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