Welcome to BITE ME

Thank you for helping us build our food database and for providing us with feedback!

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Known bugs

This is a brand-new product, so we're still working through some little bugs and niggles. Here's a list of the ones we know about and are working on fixing for you!

  • Sometimes you get an error when reporting a food (iOS)
  • Sometimes nutritional information "rounds", meaning your calorie and macros could be a gram or two out
  • When disconnecting MFP some users see an “unlink failed” message. If you close the app and restart it you’ll find you are disconnected and you can connect Bite Me. 
  • Sometimes when logging a liquid to your diary, the nutritional information doesn't show correctly.

If you are seeing a bug that isn't listed above or have an idea for a feature we could include in BITE ME, please complete the form below to let our Product team know!

Still having issues?

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