Bethanie has lost 85lbs with Team RH

Bethanie has lost 85lbs with Team RH

Here is an overview of Bethanie's plan:

When you join Team RH, you choose a workout and activity level to suit your lifestyle. We then calculate the correct calories for you to reach your goal.

What you can eat on 2,500 calories:

The most important thing to takeaway from our Life Plan, is that you eat the food you love, we simply set the amount. We want our members to eat foods they actually enjoy, rather than restricting themselves, so we encourage leaving 20% of your daily calorie intake for some chocolate or cake.

Weight Loss Journey:

Here is an overview of Bethanie's weight loss over the course of the last 11 months. At any point in your journey, you can reach out to our coaching team, via our app, and they'll help guide you through any plateaus or challenges you may be facing throughout.

"March 2022 I was paralysed by a condition called transerve myelitis, I was overweight at the time but this had nothing to do with why I was ill. I couldn't walk, I'm in my 20s, fat paralysed and overweight and I thought my life was over."

"1 year later I'm 6 stone down, and Iv never eaten as something as big and as calorie dense as my own words back this time last year. I stuck it out, I saw a goal and I smashed every barrier that came between me and that goal. Having my life taken from me again was not an option and it still isn't today. "

Bethanie's activity levels:

Bethanie makes sure to hit 5-10,000 steps every day however, every individual is different, and we believe that a person's activity level should fit in with their own lifestyle. This allows her to eat her 2,500 calories but still operate in a sustainable caloric deficit, which is the key to the Life Plan.

If you're struggling for motivation to reach your step goal, you can always join us on YouTube to get your steps in!

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