You're absolutely NOT big boned. It's Not An Excuse For Being Overweight

You're absolutely NOT big boned. It's Not An Excuse For Being Overweight

Here's why you're NOT big boned

To get things straight from the off, there is absolutely NO SUCH THING as being "big boned", it's NOT a medical term.

If you're tall, then yes you have "larger" bones than someone smaller than yourself, however compared to everyone else at your height, you're not "big boned".

Only around 15 percent of people actually do have a larger than average frame, same goes for those who have a smaller than average skeleton. The majority of us are just average.


Work out your frame size:

This graphic below shows how to work out your frame size. It's pretty easy, just grab a tape measure

Now you've identified your frame size, which you can own and be happy about.

Your next step is to stop lying to yourself and thinking that the excess fat on your body is due to your "big bones" or new-found large frame size. We teach this home truths on the Life Plan, because we genuinely care and don't want to bullsh*t our members.

Still not with me?

The scan above is of an obese gentleman who thinks he's big boned, and who has a medium frame size. As you can see, his bones are absolutely minute in comparison.

Why am I making such a big fuss about this?

Well for one, it blows my mind that people out there actually think this. I just cannot get my head around it.

Secondly, all these people who do think it, could have many underlying health conditions due to the fact they're in complete denial.

This behaviour has to stop. If you've been tagged in this by a friend, please know that they care and just want to help.

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