Will I get saggy skin after weight loss? How to get rid of loose skin

Will I get saggy skin after weight loss? How to get rid of loose skin

Will you get saggy skin after weight loss? The TRUTH

First off, it varies from person to person... So many things come into consideration:

  • How quickly you gained the weight.
  • How much weight you gained.
  • Your food choices etc.

I’m not gonna discuss any of the above, because it’s happened, what’s done is done.

I do however want to bring you a glimmer of hope about the overhang on your stomach, which as you’re losing weight, you'll notice there's an overhang.

Worried about having loose skin?

Imagine the fat on your stomach is a balloon. The balloon is tight and hard to stretch, aye?

If you fill it with water, it will stretch and droop, like the graphic below.

Now imagine the balloon is your skin and the water in it is your fat, the skin has now lost it’s elasticity because it's been overstretched.

The fat is a weight inside the stretch skin and that is why it overhangs. Now although you may have lost 50, 100, or even 150lbs, there is still fat left on your stomach as it’s one of the last places to go.

What I’m trying to say is, there is a high chance if you keep dieting and stick to the Life Plan, the overhang will completely go.

Will my saggy skin eventually go completely?

Well just like a balloon, if you fill it with too much water it will impair its structure.

I’m teaching this to you from hundreds of client experiences. Many people think they will have saggy skin but don’t, whereas many people bail on their diet out of fear. Let me tell you, the odds are in YOUR favour.

If unfortunately you are left with sagging skin, the ONLY way to get rid of this is surgery.

I’m not at all promoting that at all, however I'm just trying to save you wasting money on stupid drinks and creams that won't work.

Key points to consider:

  • Sagging skin does NOT define you as a person. You may have been through child birth or a bad time in life that lead to weight gain.
  • If you’re worrying about people judging you, then they’re not worth knowing.
  • I promise you, the rest of us can see you achieving something amazing.
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