Why Have I Stopped Losing Weight At My Slimming Club? The Straight Up Facts

Why Have I Stopped Losing Weight At My Slimming Club? The Straight Up Facts

Why have you stopped losing weight at slimming club?

I’ll give you the straight up facts... Basically, class leaders Karen and Sandra have gotten away with murder for what they’ve been teaching for the last 20/30 years. Unfortunately for them, their worst nightmare has came along called social media.

Even worse, there's crazy people like me calling them out. They’ve basically been found out, and they know they’re in trouble unless they adopt calorie counting (which they won’t).

You are eating too many calories with Slimming Clubs!!!

We know with science now that everyone burns different calories, based on their height, weight, gender, activity, etc. Slimming clubs don't abide by this.


How is Team RH different? How do you lose weight with us?

At Team RH, we work all this out for you and set you the right calories on the Life Plan. It takes a lot of time and effort. There are however cowboys out there who throw the same calories at everyone.

Usually 1,200 for females and 2,000 for men. RIDICULOUS.

Now think about like this, at diet club you have say 15 to 25 members, some are a tad over weight and some are massive. Some are really active and some hardly move. All different calorie burn.

So, can anyone explain to me why there is one person standing at the front of class giving everyone the SAME idea of food to eat? At the end of the day, you’re consuming calories. Scrap the food, it’s calories.

How does it work?

Team RH:

You see at Team RH, when you first join the Life Plan, I’d ask you if you’re active, your stats like age, gender, weight, etc. And I’d calculate what calories I think you’d burn.

Lets say I think you burn 2,000 calories. I’d specifically set a goal of 1,600 calories a day. And then monitor your weight over the weeks. If no loss then I’d drop your calories slowly.


Slimming club:

Now at Slimming club, you’re all given the idea of eating say 1,800 calories. Well Claire, Deb, and Sally all burn 2,500 calories so they’d lose steadily.

Big Janice burns 3,500+ so she would lose 2lb+ and win slimmer of the week (which is unfair). That leaves you with ,Vicky, Emma, Tracey, Kelly, and Tina… they only burn 1,700-1,800 calories. So they lose NOTHING.

When they ask why they’re not losing they get some rubbish answer back like “eat more speed food” or “your not eating enough”. WHAT?! Not eating enough?


NO. They’re eating too much. That’s why they’re NOT losing weight.

Nothing is measured or weighed , so if you lose weight it’s because you luckily ate less food than what your body burns.

Key Points to remember:

  • At Team RH we calculate everything to the gram and by the calorie.
  • If you ain’t getting results we can show and tell you why.
  • Those guys are making it up as they go along.

Honestly lets face it, I could save you all £5 a week at class by saying cut the takeaways and fizzy pop/win and that reduction in calories alone would most likely lose you weight.

Do you lot also want to also know why ‘slimmer of the month’ is a load of rubbish? Well you can read that here.

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