Why Am I Gaining Weight On Super Low Calories, In My Deficit?

Why Am I Gaining Weight On Super Low Calories, In My Deficit?

How many calories to lose weight?

You have to stop thinking that there's something unique about your body and why you gain so easily. You're not a medical marvel, okay (I’m not talking about anyone with medical conditions here obviously). You're asking how many calories you need to eat to lose weight, but it takes more than that.


I’m not writing this to make you feel worse, I know you may be down right now and feel like you have a mountain to climb. The last thing you want is someone pointing out the obvious but let me tell you how it works...


It's Calories In vs Calories Out

If you genuinely feel you gain weight but hardly eat anything, then the only fact that remains, is that you're hardly moving your body. It’s simply because you're eating more calories than you're burning.

You’re overweight because you have 100% consistently ate more calories than your body burns on average for weeks, months, years upon end. This is called a calorie surplus, when you actually want to be in a calorie deficit instead. This is what we teach on the Team RH Life Plan.

It's your awful tracking

One of the biggest mistakes people make is they eat low calories, such as 800 for 4 days of the week, then the other 3 days they gorge on everything in sight. They're asked what calories they're on by a coach, and they say "oh 800 calories" failing to mention the thousands on the other 3 days.

This takes their weekly average calorie intake much higher, which is really all that matters. They think THEIR body gains easily, it doesn’t. It gains or loses at whatever your net intake of calories are.

Our advice:

  • Stop restricting your calories super low, you will push it too hard and then completely over compensate.
  • Track every single calorie you consume, weigh it by the gram and be honest with yourself.
  • I know you think you need low calories in your deficit, but all you have to do is trust what we teach on the Life Plan and we PROMISE you will lose weight.
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