Tips For Nailing Your Diet - Guaranteed Results

Tips For Nailing Your Diet - Guaranteed Results

Weight loss tips that guarantee results in a calorie deficit...


1. Bulk out your meals with vegetables

I'm having 400g mixed veg and 1.2kg of mushrooms a day and this is still only 400 calories! Add some nice sauce with some lean meat (of choice) and there's 2-3 very filling meals.


2. Choose some low calorie snacks

I snack on these 40-60 cal lollipops or sometimes boiled sweets that take a while to consume. This option, compared to crisps or cake etc will save you a lot of calories.


3. Stick to an activity structure

We encourage you to stick to a workout program/steps target that's the same week in and week out on the Life Plan. If you're on X amount of calories, the last thing you want to be doing is changing your expenditure output.

Why? You'll push the calorie deficit too far and binge. Keep it the same.


4. Choose diet pop over full fat pop

Diet pop has no calories so it has zero reflection on body composition. A few glasses of Cherry Coke Zero can also help with cravings massively. Don't worry about all of that aspartame got debunked years ago.


5. Smash your water

Smash a big glass of water before and after each meal. It fills you up more and gives you more of a satiated feeling. Also make sure to get your water in throughout the day, as dehydration confuses your body into thinking it needs food rather than liquid.


6. Be cautious of palatable food (trigger foods)

Although you can eat chocolate/cake on your diet, be cautious of the foods that trigger you. I know myself that if I had a chocolate bar for my last meal, I'd lose it completely. Identify these foods and do your best to avoid them if you know they make you feel that way.


7. Get your partner/family on board

So many of you fail because the people around you don't take it seriously, they order lot's of takeaways or get pissed up every weekend. Sit them down and tell them how much your weight is destroying your health (both physically and mentally) and your goals in life. Ask them for support and express how much it means to you.


8. Become obsessed with this mentality/mindset

If you're still reading this now, I'm telling you that you MUST become obsessed with this mindset if you want to change your ways.

  • NO more half hearted efforts.
  • NO starting again on Monday.
  • No more starting next January.
  • If you want to learn why you MUST track by the gram to lose weight, you will really benefit from this blog here.
  • Get on it right now! Join us on the Life Plan below…



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