Struggling To Eat All Your Calories?

Struggling To Eat All Your Calories?

Can't hit your calories everyday? How many calories is too much?

Lets say you’re 200lbs, to hit that body fat, you’ve been consuming at least 3,500 calories of food/liquid as a daily average over the week... for the last year.

Keep in mind you’re saying you can't eat it all, so you’re stopping at say 1,600 calories, rather than the 2,000 specifically set for you by the coaches on the Life Plan.

So... 3,500 calories of rubbish food vs 1,600 calories of clean food.

Are you telling me the protein and fibre is filling you sooo much that it’s offsetting 1,900 calories which you could easily consume before?

Yeah... no way.

Why is this a problem?

Well everyone who's saying this isn’t losing weight, which is strange, as they’re in a bigger caloric deficit.

The truth is this…

  1. You start new diet.
  2. You buy a load of clean food.
  3. You eat it and hate it.
  4. You feel stuffed.
  5. You secretly love lower calories as you think you lose more.
  6. It’s unsustainable so the hunger kicks in.
  7. You then binge like crazy, offsetting any deficit you had.
  8. No weight loss.

So, what should I do and how many calories should I eat?

  • If you’re struggling then try your best, but obviously don’t force it.
  • As the days go on, hunger WILL increase.
  • At this point, don’t be clever & think I’ll keeping eating these low calories, as it will get to the weekend and you’ll be wolfing down cocktails and takeaways like Peppa Pig.
  • You may struggle for the first few days, and that’s fine. Just make sure to hit your calories, and track by the gram on the Life Plan and you WILL see results.

Key points:

  • You CAN eat all your calories.
  • You used to eat DOUBLE the amount.
  • STOP moaning.
  • STOP trying to beat the system.
  • TRUST the Life Plan.
  • You WILL lose 100% every time.
  • Don't fall at the first hurdle. You've got this!
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