Which Exercise Burns The Most Fat?

Which Exercise Burns The Most Fat?

Exercise does NOT burn fat! Here's why:

If you're willing to spend 30 seconds reading this I'll explain WHY fat burning workouts do NOT exist.

So first off I'm sick of fitness influencers posting videos that claim to be "fat burning workouts" or "belly buster ab workouts". All these are doing is trying to get you to do their workout, not because they care about you.

If you notice on our step videos on YouTube, we NEVER claims to burn fat as it's deceiving.

And what does exercise do? It burns calories, NOT fat.

The only way to "burn" fat is to be in a CALORIC DEFICIT, which is how our members get results on the Life Plan. We always ensure you stay in a caloric deficit, but it's up to you to track accurately and smash your goals.

Breaking down the facts:

Let's say you burn 2,500 calories a day through the following:

So unless you're running a marathon every day, your metabolism is probably going to burn 3 times as many calories as your "belly buster workout".

Now tell me, if you believe exercise is burning fat, why can't I make the same ridiculous claim about the other 3?

  • "Watch me burn fat whilst I eat this apple."
  • "My daily toothbrush fat-burn workout out."
  • "My still being alive metabolism fat burning workout."

You catch my drift?

Key Points:

  • Stop believing all of the fake influencers on social media, most of them are lying to you.
  • Exercise DOES burn calories, so make sure to do it!
  • Make sure you're consuming fewer calories than you're burning.
  • Stop asking 'where does the body burn fat from first' - everyone is different and you CANNOT target specific areas.


You're reading this post because we tell the fking truth at Team RH.

We're not posting some BS fat burning workout misleading you all. If you still feel like you can't get your head around some of this, there's plenty of articles on the Help Centre of our app you can check out.

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