Mastering Home Workouts: Getting Started With The Team RH Home Hero Kit

Mastering Home Workouts: Getting Started With The Team RH Home Hero Kit

Setting up your Home Hero Kit

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Or follow these instructions:


Using the Door Anchor

Adjusting The Strap Length Attaching the Anchor Strap Other than to a Door The Door Anchor dramatically increases the versatility of your Suspension Trainer.


1)Only use on solid doors that are in solid walls - do not use on stud walls or partition walls. Doors must be in sound condition with working locks. Never use on either glass or sliding doors or any lightweight doors like cupboard doors.


2) Always lock the door when exercising so there is no possibility that someone else can open the door whilst you are exercising as this may result in serious injury. Check the door is properly locked before starting your workout.


3) Always insert the Door Attachment in the hinge side of the door as illustrated below, ensuring the Door Lock Ring is on the opposite side of the door to you. Check the Attachment for damage before use, if damaged do not use.


4) Close and lock the door then test the attachment is secure before use.


5) Attach the Suspension Trainer carabiner to one of the eyelets on the door anchor at a height to suit your chosen exercise, then fine-tune the length of the suspension Trainer using the T Fastener Buckles

The Door Anchor strap can also be attached to many fixed structures so long as they are suitably strong to take your dynamic load and will not move or tip over when exercising.


Home Hero Kit workout

Click the video below or use this link here.

Why should I get the Home Hero Kit?

The suspension trainer and adjustable booty bands provide both resistance and support, allowing individuals of all abilities (beginner to advanced) to workout, build muscle, lose fat and progress.

Is this equipment better than the gym? No. But can you still get amazing results at home with this kit? Absolutely!


Our Home Workout kit contains:

  • 1 x Adjustable Booty Bands
  • 1 x Suspension Trainer

Whether you want to strengthen your glutes or build up your core, these must-have items can be used together or separately by ability.

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For more information please read the full product description here.

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