Does Weight Training Help Women Lose Weight? A Guide To Lifting Weights For Weight Loss

Does Weight Training Help Women Lose Weight? A Guide To Lifting Weights For Weight Loss

Lifting weights will burn more fat

Don’t believe me? It’s 100% true. Let's break this down...

Women who lose but do NOT lift weights:

For every pound of fat you have on your frame, your body will expend 2 calories to maintain it.

Therefore, if you lose 50lbs of fat, your body will expend 100 calories less a day.


Now, if you throw in the mix not doing weight resistance training, or hitting 100g of protein, you will also LOSE muscle.

Per pound of muscle on your frame, your body burns 6 calories to maintain it.


MUSCLE BURNS MORE CALORIES THAN FAT, and the key to losing weight is operating in a sustainable caloric deficit, which is what we teach on the Life Plan.

Why is this the case?

Fat is literally just the rubbish that hangs off you, so after a fat loss journey, at say a slimming club, your metabolism could be burning 150 calories LESS each day.

-50lbs fat = -100 calories.

-8lbs of muscle = -48 calories.

Women who lose & lift weights:

She didn’t lose any muscle so that’s +48 calories to start with. In fact she built 16lbs of muscle over two years so that’s actually + 96 calories.

The lady who didn’t lift weights has a metabolism sitting at 1,400 calories, whilst the lady who did lift weights is sitting at 1,550 calories.

Only 150 calorie difference?

  • Over a week that’s 1,000 calories more on average.
  • Over a month is 4,000 calories (which FYI is 1 pound of fat burned).
  • And over a year is 50,000 calories.

This is an insane 14.4lbs of fat, and remember, this is JUST your metabolism whilst sitting absolutely still, there's no movement or exercise involved in this difference yet.

You can burn 14.4lbs of fat a year MORE compared to women who don't lift.


Key points

It’s a small investment which goes a very long way, because over 6 years of weight training, that’s 100lbs of fat burned doing absolutely nothing.

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If you want even more in depth information surrounding weight lifting and weight loss, you can read this blog here.

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