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How to hit your step goal without leaving your house


How To Hit Your Step Goal Without Leaving Your House

I get it, sometimes we don't want to leave the house - this can be for many reasons, including low confidence and anxiety. I'll keep this super straight forward for you, but stick with me till the end.

P.S. Why don't you start by stepping on the spot whilst reading this? Go on, get up and step.

1. Household activities

You guessed it, you don't actually need to walk somewhere to get your steps in on the Lifeplan. If you are sat on your sofa (probably scrolling through social media) then why don't you stand up and step instead?

Have a look at your screen time, I can guarantee you spend a good few hours on your phone where you could be moving at the same time.

Here's just a few examples of when you could get more steps in, to help put it into perspective:

  • Brushing your teeth
  • Tackling the huge pile of ironing
  • Waiting for your coffee to brew
  • Waiting for your scran in the microwave
  • During phone calls
  • Watching the TV or stepping in commercial breaks
  • Staying hydrated means you will have more toilet trips
  • Dancing around with kids

You might feel like a taity doing this at first, but walking on the spot is very effective for burning calories, especially if you've got limited space.

2. Following Rachael's step videos

"But Richie, stepping on the spot is boring!!"

Well, you might be right there, but it doesn't have to be boring. Rachael and her team have spent a lot of time and effort creating step videos on YouTube for you to follow. Instead of basic stepping, Rachael incorporates different moves and music to help smash your steps in a set time.

We have a range of step episodes that specifically help you hit a certain amount of steps. I'll show you some examples below:

Need some help getting your last 3k steps of the day?

Click below to try this episode:

disco thumbnail working document-2 JM SEP21-04.png

Do you have the time to smash your step goal in one go?

Click below to check out this 10k episode:

disco thumbnail working document-2 JM SEP21-022-02.png

Fancy something really different and quick?

Click below to do our Rave Steps video:

disco thumbnail working document-2 JM SEP21-01.png


What you need to take away from this is that you can achieve your step goal from home. If you have crippling anxiety and aren't quite ready to go outside yet, please know you don't need to wear the latest sport gear or go to the gym. You can do it with the curtains closed, wearing your favourite PJ's (or if you feel like it.... in the nudie).

Everyone has their own step goal on the Lifeplan that can be achieved at home, whether that be 5k, 10k or 15k.

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