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Emma's weight loss journey with Coeliac Disease and Team RH


We get it

Some people are convinced Coeliac Disease is what's stopping them from losing weight.

When Emma originally contacted us, she had similar concerns. After seeing the results of hundreds of our members just like her, she started to gain hope.

Laura managed to lose 72lbs whilst only doing 5000 steps

_Laura - 72lbs - Social.png

Take a look at our other member Emma who lost 33lbs in 11 months.

coeliac disease-graphic_Screenshot1-03.PNG

Emma decided to join us and went on to lose 8lbs so far with Team RH!

_Emma Side - 8lbs - Social.png

You could be just like Emma, all you have to do is take that leap of faith and put your trust in us.

Let the Team RH app and our coaches guide you on your journey and teach you everything you need to know.

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