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Where to begin?…..Team RH Fitness, with Richie & Rachel at the helm are 100% Accurate on all things nutrition and fat loss related! They are informative, inspirational, knowledgeable, hilariously funny, friendly, supportive, positive, inclusive, VERY affordable and just down right phenomenal! If you want to lose fat, feel fantastic, work hard and TRUST what these guys tell you, then don’t hesitate to join the Team RH family. I am sooo glad I discovered them 12 months ago, I’ve lost 4.5 stone in less than a year and it truly is a change for life! I will be forever grateful x

My progress pictures speak for themselves

Just want to say thanks for healing a broken relationship with food. Been following this plan for around a month or so and I’ve lost 8lb of genuine fat. My progress pictures speak for themselves. I’ve calorie counted before and cut far too hard, burnt out, looked like [insert expletive] and piled it back on (and more). I weigh around 1 stone more than a progress picture I’d taken 2 years ago and look far better. The support from the team in terms of direct messaging, support group and videos is awesome. Thanks Richie, Rachel and team!! I’ll win this time!

It’s the best thing I’ve done

I’ve been a fad dieter for most of my life, but this doesn’t feel like a diet as long as you say within your calories set for you.
There’s no restrictions to what you eat, it’s the best thing I’ve done joining team rh in years.
Thank you guys xxx

I absolutely love Team RH!!

I absolutely love Team RH I’ve followed the personalised plan I was given on the 30th of December 2019 and now on the 21st of march 2020 I have lost a total of 22lb so far. The team are excellent, always there to help if needed. The group support is fantastic. Never been part of such an amazing community helping eachother achieve their goals.

Completely changed my outlook on dieting!

Finding team RH as completely changed my outlook on dieting! Funnily enough I first heard of them through another slimming site I was a member of. Team RH were getting slated for their methods, which intrigued me so much I had to see it for myself.
After only 2 days of following their FB page I knew my old slimming habits were never going to help me with my poor relationship with food. I signed up on the 6th January 2020 and have never felt so happy and healthy!! I’m on week 11, 22.2lbs down and feel like for the first time in 10 years I am in total control of my weight.
I don’t always hit every goal every day but that’s real life and this is what this plan is about… REAL LIFE!
Thank you Team RH for all your support and motivation.
My message for the fence sitters is do it, sign up and let your life be changed for the better as much as mine has!!

The best decision I’ve ever made

Team RH was the best decision I’ve ever made. Like many other people I was stuck in a cycle of heavily restricting myself constantly then binging on a weekend. I tried every different kind of diet then while I was pregnant someone recommended Team RH for after I’d had my son. I joined in January 2018 and by June 2018 I’d lost 2.5 stone and was smaller than before I’d had my baby. The plan has changed my view on food forever and I’ve happily maintained my weight for 2 years now. To say this has changed my life is an understatement and I couldn’t thank Richie and Rachael enough for what they do, they’re truly amazing ❤️

Happier, healthier me

For years I’ve been a yo yo dieter. I’ve been to slimming world and weight watchers, lost weight and then piled it back on. Before starting the life time plan I was stuck in a rut. I was binge eating everyday. I was unhappy about the weight I was gaining and I felt out of control of my life. I’d been following Team RH on Facebook for a while so I made the decision to change my life for the better and sign up – I’m so glad I did. I’ve been doing the plan for two weeks now and the results are brilliant. I’ve lost 7.5lb, I have so much more energy, I feel constantly full and I’ve not binged or thought about binging once in the whole two weeks! If you want to lose weight in a safe way whilst eating the foods you enjoy then sign up now. Thank you team RH for helping me start my journey to be a happier and healthier me!!

The best thing I’ve ever done!!

I have absolutely loved the couple of months I have been with TeamRH! The sign up process was so easy and all the information you could want was there immediately. It feels a bit like a family when online and seeing all the other posts about TeamRH and how they are helping people achieve their goals. I had been like a lot of people who had signed up. I had tried different diets before and couldnt stick to any of them. I had kind of lost hope in finding something that would work, especially after the last year of bad health I have encountered. This is by far the most logical way of losing weight and staying healthy! Support is always there too. Would recommend TeamRH to absolutely everyone who wants to change their eating habits and/or improve their weight loss ????

A breath of fresh air

I have been on my health journey for approximately two years, of which I have been following RH for just under a year.

Within the safe hands of RH Fitness I have found it easier to maintain my new lifestyle choice and it has almost definitely opened my eyes to a number of subject i was previously unaware of. The explanations, live videos and daily motivational Facebook posts really influence and bring out the best in me.

Without their guidance I would not be anywhere near where I am now, they really keep the topics relevant and interesting.

5/5 from me. If you’re wondering if they’re worth the time and investment, I can assure you they almost definitely are; as long as you are ready to change your life for the better.

Highly recommend TeamRH

I have been on the plan for 10 weeks and I have lost 15.20lbs, and dropped a dress size. I found the plan easy to follow and the support you receive is amazing. I would highly recommend TeamRH to anyone who wants to lose weight healthily and increase fitness levels.

A fresh new outlook

I joined team RH for a fresh new outlook on food.
I was bingeing at weekends and drinking too much as well as not getting enough exercise and limiting my calories during the week. Although i wasn’t in the overweight category i knew thats back where i was headed and in a very unhealthy way.
Anxiety, and trouble sleeping as well as a love hate with food.
I have been on plan for a month.
I have learnt about what I’m eating and how to keep my body fit, week, after week, after week. I’m sleeping better. Im eating better. I’m drinking less alcohol. I am more aware of nutrition and what my body needs. I feel so much healthier! Happier, energised.
Not only that but i have lost weight and feel the best i have ever felt.
The team are amazing and give support whenever needed.
Thier live videos on facebook are so informative and if you want to change your outlook i would advise you watch them.
I’m sure i will stumble. I’m sure i will go of plan the odd day. But i will get right back to it, because my body and mind have never felt this good!
Thank you to the team so much.

I feel more confident

Hi from the moment I joined this group it’s never felt like a diet, you really enjoy your food again also so amazed by the calories you can have. I never dread getting on them scales where before at slimming clubs all ways feared this, also I would not eat on my weigh days. I have just returned from 6 days in benidorm has you can imagine nothing was tracked only my steps, I am completely in shock I put 1 lb on in all my slimming years this has never happened I allways put a good 10 lbs on. My own wellbeing has changed for the better I feel more confident, the scales have not moved much but my clothes are so much comfortable…. Thank you so much

TeamRH is amazing!

TeamRH is amazing. The aim for me is weight loss, and the calculation is simply to be in a calorific deficit daily and to eat nutrient dense food where possible.
Getting all the protein and fibre in some days is a challenge but my results are amazing and I am very happy with the results so far.

incredible results

TeamRH is amazing. The aim for me is weight loss, and the calculation is simply to be in a calorific deficit daily and to eat nutrient dense food where possible.
Getting all the protein and fibre in some days is a challenge but my results are amazing and I am very happy with the results so far.



If you put your trust in us, forget everything you’ve ever been taught we promise you success.

You’ll learn how you can lose fat while eating the foods you love and how you can keep it off for life!

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