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Water Bottle Dumbbells Twin Pack


Product Description

Twin Pack For £14.99!  

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Stay hydrated AND workout with our brand-new dumbbell water bottles. Super lightweight and transportable when empty and weighing a max of 2.5 kg each when full, the Team RH dumbbell bottles keep you fit without losing out on hydration. You can also adjust the weight of the dumbbell, by simply filling with water until your desired dumbbell weight is achieved.

With the Team RH Fitness logo printed on the side and the matching black lid, the dumbbell bottle is the perfect home workout accessory. Each dumbbell bottle has a secure screw-top lid and an easy-access flip top cap, so you can stay hydrated on the go. Ergonomically designed with a secure comfort grip, each bottle holds 2L of liquid and can be filled according to the desired weight. Suitable for dishwashers and easy cleaning in lukewarm soapy water.


  • Lightweight and transportable when empty
  • Fully adjustable weight
  • 2.5 kg weight when full
  • Dual water bottle/dumbbell use
  • Spill-free lid
  • Flip top cap
  • BPA-Free Plastic
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Pack of two bottles

If you would like to purchase in-store we accept card payments at our Birtley store.

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