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Vegan protein Iced Latte: Elevate Your Coffee Game with Team RH Protein

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Upgrade your coffees to a delicious Iced Protein Latte.

Serves 1



  • Vegan spray cream
  • 0 calorie chocolate syrup
  • Shortbread crumbs

Make sure you track your own ingredients for more accurate calories.


  1. Into your blender, add in your ice and coffee
  2. Add the 30g of Team RH Just Vegan Protein Powder
  3. Pour in your oat milk (or milk of choice)
  4. Blend it up and pour into glass
  5. Add any of the optional ingredients!

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Why should I have this protein iced latte?

Well... if you're like most people and love a morning coffee or a midday pick me up, then you may as well be adding some extra protein whilst your at it.

If Millionaire Shortbread isn't your flavour, then why not try Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana or Vanilla?

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