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Team RH Storm Roker Beach

Anyone passing Roker Beach in Sunderland in February might have noticed a mysterious message in the sand. Team RH joined forces with local artist Sandymental to bring the ‘no pills, no shakes, eat real food’ message to the local community. Sunderland residents walking on the beach were in awe of the giant message scribed into the sand, sparking conversation and local press to take up the story.

Team RH’s founders, Richie and Rach were on hand along with the Team RH photography and video team to answer questions and record behind-the-scenes footage on the day.

It was so much bigger than we expected, and we had loads of people stopping to ask questions. The aerial shots we got were amazing as well” said assistant videographer, Rebecca Gallagher.

The footage has been used for the new website released in May and has sparked interest over social media and in local news.