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This is why slimmer of the month is bullsh!t


Slimmer of the month...

Let's be honest, who always win's Slimmer of the month? That's right the person who is extremely overweight.

"you're fat shaming"

No, I am stating a fact that it's a very high chance the most overweight person in the room wins the award. It's true, isn't it?

Well, I'm here to tell you that the whole thing is a farce.

But why Richie? explain yourself...

That's not a problem, Well 20 stone Susan can safely be in a calorie deficit of anywhere up to 7/10,000+ calories a week ensuring a 3-5lb fat loss.

She can do this relatively easy with no cravings, no fatigue, etc.


Because she has a sh!t ton of body fat available, When in such a deficit, her body isn't concerned at the rate of weight loss as it knows it has such an abundance of fat available.

Sally also burns a crazy amount of calories compared to someone who only has a small amount of weight to lose. For every pound of fat on your body, you burn extra calories. Then consider all your daily activities with that amount of weight on you.

To put into perspective... you know when you do the shopping, and you try to be a hero and carry too many bags into the kitchen from the car.

Well imagine every activity x5 of that weight throughout the day. Very over weight people are a calorie fking furnace, I promise.

Richie get to the point...

Well if you compare 10 Stone betty can only be realistically in a 3/5000 calorie deficit a week aiming for 1-2lb fat loss. Because her body fat is quite low her cravings are a lot more intense. There isn't as much fat available, so her body is conscious of dropping weight with very little reserves left. She also weighs 100lbs less, so her calorie burn is wayyyy smaller than Sally.

Now if she tried to eat less or exercise loads to have the same deficit as Sally she would almost surely be in a nutrient deficiency, hair would drop out, periods would f#*k off, and she would most certainly become ill.

🤷🏻‍♂️ Now, can someone tell me why the f#%kity F#%k these two people are in direct competition with each other trying to achieve the biggest weight loss.

It’s completely unfair, the larger person has a huge advantage, it’s dangerous, and it can create unhealthy eating habits. Actually, whilst I'm ranting I'll say now it's probably more impressive for the person with less weight to lose fat than the larger person as you have to be more committed.

How can it create unhealthy eating habits ?

Well, what happens when Betty is so determined to beat Sally ? She is going to reduce her calories further, and up her exercise. It's literally a competition, remember, with a reward for the winner.

Unfortunately for Betty, she won't be able to sustain that and will end up binging out of control as she has pushed herself too far.

The following day she will self restrict, and then BOOM you have the start of an easting disorder.

If you're a die hard slimming club, and you've come here to have a go. Go for it, I just cannot see in any way how you can defend this.

We have many converts from slimming clubs, so I feel it's important to educate people.

And remember, I'm not having a go at the plan, just this ridiculous competition.

Never compare yourself to others

So now I hope you understand why it's 1. Fking stupid and unfair, 2. very dangerous, and 3. Potentially the start of an eating disorder.

At TeamRH we never ever run weight loss competitions, we know fine well it could be very motivational for "SOME PEOPLE" but completely unfair and dangerous for other people.

The only person you should be competing against is that motherfkr staring back at you in the mirror.

Finally, I apologise for the very triggering Facebook post, I just wanted to catch your attention within hope I can help level you up and perhaps not make you feel so bad about not ever winning.

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