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New Hires During Global Pandemic – How Team RH Are Rewriting Recruitment Rules

It’s been quite a year for everyone, with Covid-19 having a direct impact on employment rates and sales for businesses. After the initial uncertainty of Covid, we were able to refine our business model to be able to better cope with the pandemic and were even able to grow, hiring in new staff and expanding our customer base and product range.

After welcoming new design, development, creative, customer service and marketing hires during the pandemic the team has grown significantly. We’ve been able to increase productivity and impressively expand the team skill sets, allowing us to work on new and exciting projects.

Hiring during a pandemic hasn’t been easy though. After facing the significant challenges of hiring over Zoom and remote onboarding staff, Team RH has decided to refresh the way we do recruitment. We’ve added a new careers page to our site, advertising existing job roles but most crucially – a job that doesn’t exist. We’re not going to miss out on that one in a million, world-class hire just because they don’t fit ‘requirements’. Instead, we’re inviting everyone, no matter what their background to apply. We want to hear from people who genuinely believe they have something to bring to the table, not just those with traditional qualifications.

Increasingly we’ve noticed that our best hires are people who have that passion for Team RH, and they come from all walks of life. We’re looking for people who’ve skilled up in their own time, are switched on and able to think outside the box to get amazing results. We’ve dispensed with the ‘worker bee’ mentality of hiring people who are ‘good enough' to ‘get a job done’ – we’re looking for people who have amazing skills that they think would really benefit the team.