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Find out Laura's top tips and how she lost 142lbs

Transformation picture of Laura

Mum of five, Laura Chisholm, has lost a massive 142lbs with Team RH! From a size 24 to a size 10

"I started my Team RH journey as a size 24, weighing 294lbs - feeling awful about myself.

I’ve struggled with my weight for years and spent most of my 20s and 30s being overweight. 

I was only living half a life. 

I couldn’t enjoy the simple things with the kids, always using the words ‘once I’ve lost this weight I will’, as if that’s when life would begin.

I used food as a comfort. I would eat something rubbish then feel disgusting for eating it. It just carried on from there.

I felt that my weight was an absolute embarrassment to everyone.

June last year, during the first lockdown, I was terrified as I watched the news every day, seeing people in my age group dying from covid-19 from being overweight.

I thought this needs to stop. I’m not giving myself a fighting chance here.

I’d been following Team RH for a while, watching the Facebook videos and taking Richie’s advice on board. At this point, I had been a slimming world member but I remember watching the video where Richie spoke about Slimming World’s ‘free foods’, which really opened my mind up.

As I lost more and more weight I was feeling more confident in calorie counting and the Team RH approach just clicked for me. I felt great, and I love being able to eat pretty much what I want without thinking about syns or any of that.

I now have so much more energy. 

It might sound daft, but one of the best things to come out of my weight loss is to play in the park with my kids! My mum bought a trampoline for them, and it was the weirdest feeling when I realised I could actually get on it myself and play with them!

I have gone from being an overweight mum of 5, wanting to hide at the back of a room, to now feeling like I actually want to start living and enjoying life.

Richie and Rachel were always in my head with their advice and gave me the confidence to do this. The no-nonsense approach is definitely what I needed.


You just have to trust the process!

Find out about Laura’s Top Tips:

  • My advice for Team RH members is to trust the process and it’ll work. 

  • Keep going, don’t let one bad day put you off. I had the occasional bad day but I’m now over 140lbs down!

  • I eat pretty much the same foods as I did, it’s just more controlled and I'm more aware of the nutritional value of food.

  • I didn’t do much exercise when I first started, but I did get my steps in! I now enjoy online workouts and I’ve even started running which I never thought in a million years I’d actually enjoy. My next thing is getting into weights!


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