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How to Lose Weight Whilst in the Menopause


Menopausal weight gain:

I can promise you all now you’re not gonna like this, but you need to hear it...

Your hormones change when you go through the change, and that basically messes with your hunger levels, a lot! So if you’re previously not tracking your food then you will more than likely end up eating more than usual. This increase in calories may have put you in a surplus and caused weight gain.

Next up is fatigue, a lot of women report being tired as hell when in both peri and post menopausal state, because again your hormones are all over the shop. This reduction in energy means that you move a lot less, which will result in a lower calorie burn.

Now there is lots of other claims like, insulin sensitivity, low oestrogen, etc, but the data isn’t conclusive at all, so we’re staying away from all that for now, until there is more research.

It's got nothing to do with your metabolism

A lot of women make the silly mistake of lowering their calories, thinking that their metabolism is now slower. When in fact it's not! We know this to be absolutely sure now since a new huge study has been done showing that women's metabolism does not slow until at least the age of 60, to which at only a small increase 0f 0.7% a year onwards.

Untitled-5-01-01 (1) (1).png

This is why lowering your calories would be disastrous and potentially lead to binge-eating.

What we know:

You’re naturally going to be eating more and moving less.

Now all that sounds pretty rubbish yeah? I agree, it sucks to be a woman right now, and I bet it’s not helping that a man is writing this!

So what can you do about it?

The truth is, your menopausal state is NOT magically causing you to store more fat than normal or hinder your ability to lose it, compared to others. Basically your calories in vs calories out have simply changed without you realising (moving less and eating more).

Now this is the part when you read an article or an ad like:

‘Best foods to avoid menopausal weight gain’ or ‘top exercises to burn menopausal belly fat’.

They're all a load of rubbish, playing on your naivety in this subject area. It’s not nice, and it certainly isn’t fair what I’m about to say. Just know I didn’t make up the rules and I care very much about your situation and how difficult this is.

I’m just gonna tell you straight up what needs to happen. Then you can choose whether to moan and be overweight, or actually do something about it.

Follow these steps below:

Step--01 (1) (1).png

1. Upping your protein and fibre intake is going to help keep you way more satiated and feeling full. And with your new-found hormones making you more hungry, it's essential you implement this to counterbalance the increase hunger.


2. Processed food like pop tarts, chocolate, pizza and ice cream may taste incredibly delicious, but they have the exact opposite effects to your new-found friends above protein & fibre. Processed food isn't filling and make you crave even more. And remember those arsehole hormones are really gonna push your buttons on this one. So be sure to limit this. (You know what, as I'm typing this advice... I'm thinking to myself, this is miserable). You guys are gonna hate me.

Step--03 (1) (1).png

3. Water, real easy this one, have a glass before and after each meal, it'll help fill you up. Also a hydrated body is way less likely to crave foods. Basically as smart as our body's are it's pretty thick in this department, it confuses thirst with hunger. I know, I know... I don't make the rules up. but yeah, its true.

Step--04 (1) (1).png

4. Setting a step goal is so so important. Due to your hormones making you feel more lethargic... If you set a step goal you will still make sure that you've moved enough. Unfortunately, it's not going to make any difference to you feeling like a bag of rubbish when doing them. But at least you're reminded, and motivated.

Step--05 (1) (1) (1).png

5. Start weight training, this applies to everyone. All studies show people who lift weights lose fat the fastest. They also burn more calories at rest! That means eating more cake without gaining fat.

Step--06 (1) (1).png

6. Count your calories, you're going to be more hungry for sure. So putting some kind of control in place is absolutely essential. The changes of you eating intuitively and keeping the weight off are slim.

All pretty rubbish right?

To counter this, you’re gonna have to work harder than before, and you’re gonna have to go above and beyond to fight against the natural female life cycle. I know it’s pants, and I really do feel for you all. It's hard to be a woman and the odds are stacked up against you to keep that weight off, but the Life Plan and our coaches can help motivate you through this.

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