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Hidden calories you never knew about


Hidden calories you never knew about

  • Sperm

Well most google results show anything ranging from 5-25 calories, however, an average 3.4ml serving (hahaha man!) contains less than 1 calorie so there you go ladies and gents, the choice is still yours. Unless of course, you're going out with 6ft 4 yeti-type fella with balls bigger than king kong.

  • Chewing gum

If it’s the sugar-free stuff, you’re looking at 2-5 calories per tablet/stick. Where if you’re still old school and you love the Atomic Apple Hubba Bubba seshy stuff, it’s going to cost you a shocking 25 calories!!

Now rack up how many you chomp a day, especially you lot who have lifting breath and go through packets a day, it all adds up.

  • Medicine

Yeah I know, but what do you think it's made of? Fresh air? A spoon of Calpol is gonna set you back 25 calories (p.s can anyone remember having the amazing purple stuff as a kid, then when you got to 12 you had to put up with the liftin orange stuff - there was always that one wrong’n who preferred it more as well).

Well if that shocked you... Night Nurse will cost you nearly 3 times that, at 72 calories. And let’s be honest who has a recommended scoop, so you’re looking at a good 100 cals just for a tidy kip.

FYI - last time we posted this info someone had an absolute meltdown about having to track their medicine... calling us ridiculous.


  • Teas, Coffee, Sugar and Milk

I wasn’t going to put this in, but you just have a read of the comments below about how many beanbags aren’t counting this stuff. So...

Sugar 1 tsp - 16 calories

Skimmed Milk - 38 calories (like witches watta)

Semi-Skimmed 50 calories (worth the extra 12)

Whole Milk - 66 calories (living the dream)

Now, how many cheeky cuppas do you have a day? Is it a really milky tea/coffee at 150ml . That’s right your hammering the calories. Get them counted! And let me know below if you’ve been a tinker and not been counting these.

  • Cooking Options

Obviously, you need to count your oils, but say you’ve got some mushrooms ... 100g would cost you like 7 calories. Well hoy the little mushies in the deep fat fryer and you’re now talking 110 calories. So be very aware of your oils and cooking options.

  • Lip Balm, Chap Stick , Lip stick

Okay it’s a bit OTT this one, but Burt Bees Lip Balm is “20 calories per application” but I mean is this for the silly sallys who lick their lips after? I don't know.

To summarise, some of the above is a bit of an overkill... the point I'm getting at is, if you pay close attention to finer details, you may discover you're pissing away 250 calories a day... which could be half a pound of fat a week, difference!

Be open to the possibility your tracking can always be better.