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Find out how Michele lost over 100lbs following Team RH, and completely changed her life.


Michele is one of our members smashing the Life Plan. We caught up with her to see how she managed her amazing journey.

Read on for her transformation...

"I always felt like everyone's eyes were on me."

I stood on the side-line when it came to my kids and their activities.

I never got involved as I was afraid I'd make a fool of myself. I was just so insecure with how I looked.

"Whenever there was a reason to eat, I'd eat."

I was a lazy eater and didn't put any thought into my meals.

I tried Weight Watchers, Slimming World and fasting. They all worked initially, but then after a couple of months, I'd just pile the weight back on.

I never understood what I was doing wrong and why other diets weren't working - I literally felt helpless.

Richie's videos kept popping up on my Facebook and I became hooked.

I decided to take the Team RH advice on board and give it go on my own first.

After losing around 6 stone using their methods everyday, I joined the plan officially in June 2020 to get the rest of my weight off.

"I've gone from weighing 18 stone to running and weight training 6x a week."

When I was following Team RH's advice, I was eating 1900 calories. After officially joining the Life Plan, and upping my exercise, my calories increased to 2100.

I use the gym settings on the app for weight training and I've also found a passion for running - something I never thought I'd do!

I know how to make the plan work for me and I never worry about putting the weight back on because I've completely changed my lifestyle.

Check out Michele's food diary below...

"It really is a plan for life, I don't feel like I'm on a diet."

Team RH have educated me on how to lose weight healthily and sustainably. I now feel in complete control.

Don't go into it thinking it will be a quick fix - you have to be consistent and dedicated to changing your life.

Dedicate time to learning everything the coaches tell you, then you really can't go wrong and will be smashing your goals everyday.

I can't thank Team RH enough for how they've changed my life and helped me lose all my weight.

I had so many goals I wanted to achieve and now I have the confidence to do them.

"Team RH is definitely one of the best things to ever happen to me."

Just give it a proper try! What have you got to lose?

Roundup & Key Points:

  • Eating 1900 calories and then moving up to 2100.
  • Hitting 15k steps minimum.
  • Hitting her protein and fibre goals.
  • Trusting Team RH and the information provided.
  • Setting her own goals to stay motivated.
  • Michele followed Team RH throughout her full journey, but officially joined the Plan in June 2020.
  • She lost around around 8 stone, in total, and began maintaining her weight with us - she is still currently on the plan!
**DISCLAIMER** Michele's transformation is insane but it's nothing YOU couldn't do. Michele got here through hard fkn graft and following the Life Plan.

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