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Anne's Amazing story against all odds


Anne Joined TeamRH January 2021 and this is her story…

I've dealt with mental illness, obesity, and Fibromyalgia my whole adult life and never got to a mindset to lose the weight.  

So I ended up with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, PCOS, and they all were out of control. 

In May of 2020 I was diagnosed with heart failure and an incurable heart/lung disease. 

My doctors told me lose weight or else!  

It has been really hard as in the beginning I couldn't even easily walk from room to room. 

Now a year later my diabetes is stable,

my blood sugar is within a normal range, 

my high cholesterol is gone

my high blood pressure is a lot better

my sleep apnea is better controlled, 

and my PCOS is better

I still am in heart failure and I will need medication to control my heart and lungs the rest of my life.  But I can sometimes walk 3 miles a day and I walk without a walker any more.  I still am not at my goal weight yet, but I feel a lot better already.”

On a personal note I’ve been dying to share Anne’s story with you all because she has had things so damn tough. Litterally a catalogue of health conditions and illnesses, and she STILL managed to work her ass off and get amazing results.

I love these stories the most. Anne is a true underdog, and now she is an inspiration to us all.

Never Give Up, no matter how bad things may seem. Anne didn’t, and now she has her whole life ahead of her.

To see exactly what we offer and what plan Anne followed, click here

If you've read this, it would mean a lot to myself and Rach if you could go back to the post and wish Anne well and compliment her. She will 100% see the comments