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There's nothing wrong with your metabolism


A study has just been released...

  • Covered by 80 scientists
  • Using over 6,000 test subjects
  • From 29 different countries
  • Ranging from birth to 95 years old

What did the study find?

The study found that during the age of 20-60 years, your metabolism does NOT change at all!

And It only has a small decrease of 0.7% every year after the age of 60.

So an 80 year old would see around a 15% reduction in metabolism.

However, keep in mind if you were to build 5-10lbs of muscle on your body earlier in your life, this would help counter that.

What does this mean?

So unfortunately, now proved with actual science, it’s time to accept that if you’re overweight, it’s because you simply started moving less than you once did, or you ate more than you once did.

There is NOTHING wrong with your metabolism.

LET IT GO, because if you don't, you'll turn into one of those countless people we speak to who are so laser focused on their Metabolism being the issue that they won't ever explore other factors like the tracking accuracy of your calories, activity, protein, fibre, etc


Your choice to make now is either, go back to the Facebook post slag me off and complain because you're still in denial, or go one further and do it on the shneaky shneaky in your "my metabolism is fkn fkd forum"

Instead, perhaps just be thankful to science that it's now completely debunked this thought you had. Which has been completely holding you back from losing weight for years.

Reset your goals, and go all out on your journey.

This is your time to shine, and you can do this!

P.S. I've just popped back on here to edit this. Not only is your metabolism NOT slow, if you're overweight it's actually a fking furnace. It is PRIMED for weight loss. Your metabolism is literally in the best place it could be for a weight loss journey.

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